Creative design imaginatively blending art and science

Architecture is all around us providing the settings for our lives – at home, at work, in every built public space. The Smart Alliances architecture team design residences, commercial buildings and public spaces with accuracy, beauty and function. Their imaginative blend of art & science, working hand in hand with the resource management and engineering teams distils the client’s brief down to its very essence and then transforms your project from concept all the way through to completion.

Residential ArchitectureResidential

Whether large or small, residential architectural projects are the most demanding because there is such an intimate relationship between the client and their home-to-be. Smart Alliances’ architects work with clients to understand their needs and aspirations and fully explore all the potential of the site. We start in the right place by asking the right questions. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with thoughtful, exciting designs while working from concept to completion, hand-in-hand with the Smart Alliances resource management and engineering teams to deliver designs that are not just functional, efficient and look great but are also practical and economic to construct and maintain.

Commercial and Indutrial ArchitectureCommercial and Industrial

Across a broad range of commercial and industrial architectural projects Smart Alliances create functional yet tailored design solutions to fulfill client’s aesthetic, functionality, cost, quality and innovation briefs. Their depth of experience combined with the practical hands-on-construction experience of many of the team ensure economic and practical solutions with no ugly surprises, no arguments between architects and engineers when things don’t work together the way they should, no conflict with the Council because something hasn’t been taken into account.

Public Spaces ArchitecturePublic Spaces

Public place architecture is a complex idea. It is about creating a sense of place for the residents of a town or city while contributing to healthy, comfortable, engaging and connected public spaces and destinations. The places that we inhabit in our daily lives. The Smart Alliances architectural team create public spaces where people want to gather, spend time, celebrate and enjoy. In short, their design ethos is about creating public spaces that are both functional and create uplifting experiences. They aim to ensure that people feel better for the experience, even if they are not consciously aware of it.