Innovative engineering design for practical construction solutions

At Smart Alliances our philosophy is the application of the most up-to-date knowledge to provide economic practical construction solutions and techniques. The solution has to look right and work right while all the time meeting the client’s brief and budget. That’s where our interdisciplinary approach comes to the forefront. When resource management, architecture and engineering are all coordinated on a project from day one clients get the best possible results, without waste and without disappointment.

Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering

Smart Alliances civil engineering team designs, plans, organises and oversees the construction of infrastructure such as roads, subdivisions, water supply and sewerage systems. It involves analysing the infrastructure demands, creating the best design, then selecting the best materials and most economic construction methods for each project.

Structural EngineeringStructural Engineering

The Smart Alliance team are problem solvers – finding innovative, practical and economic solutions to clients’ structural engineering challenges. Structural engineering is concerned with all aspects of a structure and its stability whether it is a new build, repair, conversion, conservation or earthquake inspection, design and upgrade. It is fundamental to every building project.

Coastal EngineeringCoastal Engineering

Smart Alliances coastal engineering team provide highly specialised civil, structural and geotechnical engineering combined with resource planning to address construction near or within the marine environment.