Smart Alliances civil engineering team designs, plans, organises and oversees the construction of infrastructure such as roads, subdivisions, water supply and sewerage systems. It involves analysing the infrastructure demands, creating the best design, then selecting the best materials and most economic construction methods for each project.

Economic, innovative yet practical solutions

Smart Alliances have the professional expertise and support teams to provide clients with economic, innovative yet practical solutions for their civil engineering projects. Their deep experience across the Top of the South, around New Zealand and internationally ensures that they provide clients with work to the highest professional standards. Locally they are immensely knowledgeable about District plans and connected to the people who make and enforce those plans. Adding to that, their extensive experience working with the construction companies means design that works, construction techniques that are practical and economic, and issues are addressed as they arise.


Onsite wastewater systems

When public reticulation is not available Smart Alliances is able to design you an onsite wastewater system. Council requirements relating to wastewater design are stringent and Smart Alliances have the expertise, including environmental science services to navigate these to achieve an economic solution to your wastewater disposal.

Geotechnical Engineering

With the popularity of the Marlborough Sounds continuing to boom, clients are building further and further out into the Sounds on sites previously deemed impossible due to site characteristics such as steep slopes, planning and access requirements. Step sites require special investigation to ensure the proposed development will remain stable and protected.