The Smart Alliance team are problem solvers – finding innovative, practical and economic solutions to clients’ structural engineering challenges. Structural engineering is concerned with all aspects of a structure and its stability whether it is a new build, repair, conversion, conservation or earthquake inspection, design and upgrade.  Structural engineering is fundamental to every building project.

Fundamental to structural integrity

Structural engineering is fundamental to the design, stability and safety of structures from residences to multi-story buildings, bridges to jetties. The Smart Alliance team design structures to ensure their stability and structural integrity while adopting innovative, practical and economic construction techniques. They have to consider the site, the shape that the architect wants to create, the materials to be used and factors such as wind loading and earthquakes.

Yet when the building is completed, much of its engineering is hidden out of sight in the foundations, walls, roof and bracing. Engineering has immense influence on the feasibility of a project and site, what constraints the architect needs to work within and the cost of your project. At Smart Alliances the engineering team work hand-in-hand with the resource management and architectural teams to provide innovative, practical, economic engineering design solutions.


Experienced designing many different types of structures

The Smart Alliances team bring their clients the benefits of experience in a wide range of environments from the challenging coastal Marlborough Sounds to alpine locations right through to the tropics. They provide economic solutions for projects from retaining walls, residential beams and bracing schedules to complete engineering designs for complex structures like bridges, large warehouses, wineries, theatres, hospitals, and schools, and working with timber, laminates, steel or concrete, which ever works best and most economically for your particular project. Smart Alliances provide you with engineering solutions from Concept to Completion, design to construction supervision, no matter what your structure or project.