Mark Batchelor

Mark Batchelor


Mark has practiced as a resource management Planner throughout New Zealand in private and public sector organisations including consulting organisations, councils and central government agencies since the early 1980s.  He has particular experience in resource consenting.


Mark’s work includes projects in many sectors of the economy and in urban, rural and coastal environments. His work involves most aspects of resource management and particularly:

  • Applications for resource consents and licenses
  • Assessments of effects on the environment
  • Scoping and Due Diligence
  • Effects and environmental management
  • Development concepts
  • District plans and other rule and policy development
  • Submissions to applications and council resource management and community plans
  • Consultation, mediation and facilitation
  • Managing resource consent procedures
  • Hearings – council and Environment Court – evidence and advising committees
  • Resource consent project management

Project Examples

residential commercial, industrial developments, coastal and foreshore development, marine farming, earthworks, roading, quarries and mines, water abstraction and irrigation, discharges, wineries, retirement villages, multi-story buildings, multi-use developments, churches, schools and childcare centres, shopping centres, medical facilities, subdivisions, historic places and buildings, community tourist and sporting facilities, visitor accommodation including motels and hotels and work accommodation, licensed premises, service stations and vehicle servicing and sales facilities, contaminated land, public services infrastructure.

Specialist Network

Mark has a network of associations with people locally and New Zealand wide with specialist skills associated with Resource Management that he calls on as projects require. This enables him to assemble the team required for a comprehensive range of projects and consenting requirements.

Process Expertise

Experience advising Council committees and management and reviewing consenting processes has provided Mark with an understanding of the needs and procedures of these organisations when considering applications for resource consent and during their resource management plan development.

Consultation Mediation and Facilitation

Mark has LEADR mediation training with specific focus on resource management. This is concerned with finding collaborative solutions.